Project Description

We recently completed another swimming pool in Belterra in Southwest Austin.

This was an organic pool designed to fit in with the existing yard and landscaping.   We didn’t have a lot of room for the pool, and we didn’t want the pool to look like wart.  It needed to fit in seamlessly with the existing landscaping.

The feature wall doubles as a retaining wall. There was a bit of elevation and we needed to keep any runoff from rainwater coming back down the hill into the pool.

An interesting story from this build was when we called Texas 811 (before we began our dig) we found that there was a propane line running through our client’s property instead of in the PUE. A PUE is a public utility easement and any utilities should be there not in the middle of our client’s yard. We reached out to the propane company and they came out and moved the line at no cost to our client. The propane company was so used to people calling “AFTER” they already started digging.  They were very pleased we called them before we began digging.  We only had to wait a few days and the propane line was moved to a safe distance.

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